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How to Save Money By Hiring a Handyman

You may think that a handyman is only for fixing odds and ends around your house, like calling a handyman when the garbage disposal breaks or the gutters get clogged. The fact is, you can actually save money by utilizing a handyman in several ways that you may not have thought about. We’ve put together a list of some handyman services that will actually save you money and prolong the life of your home. 


Keep Your Roof and Gutters Clean 


Yes, we know, we mentioned clogged gutters as a task for a handyman, but the fact is, having a handyman come by regularly to inspect and clean your roof and gutters can save you on costly drainage issues and roof damage. Often, people only clean their gutters a few times a year, and they clean off their roofs less frequently than that. 

Letting a handyman come and sweep and clean your roof once a month can keep debris from building up, water from ponding, and other damages from occurring. Think of it as a little bit of preventative maintenance that will keep you from calling a roofer the next time a big storm hits. 


Repair, Don’t Replace 


Having a handyman that can repair broken furniture and appliances is a great way to save money. Buying a new table because a leg broke is an expensive affair. The same can be said for your appliances. If you have a handyman with the know-how to fix problems with most home appliances, you’ll save a fortune on replacements. 

For example, many ice-makers that are attached to refrigerators go out long before the refrigerator itself does. You may be tempted to replace your fridge since this valuable addition is no longer functioning, but if your handyman knows how to get it working again, you won’t need to buy a new fridge. 

Other more costly replacements can be avoided by having repairs done. Having a squeaky step doesn’t mean you need to replace your entire staircase. Instead, a handyman with a basic knowledge of carpentry can fix the squeaky steps and save you from replacing the whole thing. 


Small Updates Over Complete Renovations 

It’s tempting once you’ve lived in your home for a while to do a complete renovation of a room or space once the function starts to diminish or it starts to feel stale. 

A handyman can make small updates over time to improve the look and function of a room and help you avoid the cost of a renovation, not to mention the time and mess that will be involved with it as well.  

A simple paint job or new blinds and curtains can do wonders and cost thousands less than completely redoing a room. Over time you can change out more and more small elements to make the room feel completely different and never have to hire a contractor or construction crew. 


Keep Your Home Energy Efficient With Routine Maintenance


Much like with your roof and gutters, maintaining the parts of your home that help it stay warm or cooled can help you save money and keep your home energy efficient. This can mean doing things as simple as cleaning out air ducts so that air flows properly, maintaining ceiling fans so that they run well and circulate air properly and adding freon to your air conditioner, and checking the fuses in your fuse box to make sure your power supply is in good shape. 

These small tasks don’t require licensed technicians in most cases, and a handyman can perform the maintenance so that you don’t wind up with malfunction electrical or HVAC systems. 


Final Thoughts 


There are dozens of things that a handyman can do to save you money and improve the lifespan of your home and the things in it. Consult with a professional handyman and see what they can do for you today.